Uptofarm is aimed at transferring the research knowledge in the agri-environmental field to the agri-food sector. Our activities are designed and developed to answer the urgent need for environmental problem solutions (sustainability increase, climate change mitigation, resources protection). For this reason, we carry out scouting activities, feasibility studies and business planning, and, in cooperation with companies and international research groups, we participate in R&D projects on the following topics:

  • Development of innovative products and systems to promote circular economy, such as the enhancement of by-products for new fertilizers, biostimulants or soil improvers development;
  • Tools for improving the efficiency of input use, such as the application of remote sensing techniques, development of simple and user-friendly digital application (app, web app) for farmers, technicians and operators of the agri-food sector;

  • Systems for limiting pollution due to the storage, application and management of crop and livestock farms residues, such as pesticides and manure. 

Our last projects

Life PrepAir

The project focus is on the Po river basin which represents an important critical area for air quality (fine dust, nitrogen oxides, ozone), since the entry into force of the limit values ​​set by the European Union.

POR-FESR Saturno project

A project on cyrcular economy: biorefineries for the conversion of organic waste and CO2 into biofuels, bio-fertilizers and biochemicals.

Life+ Greenwoolf

Uptofarm participates to the European Life + "Greenwoolf" project on experimental activities aimed at agronomic evaluation of bio-based fertilizers.

Lagrange research fellowship

Research fellowship in the framework of Lagrange 2016 call for the project “Developement of operative tools for crop monitoring and management in cereals farms”; 2016-2017.