Services for agricultural companies

Tutoring and support with Agriculture 4.0 tools

The use of field sensors, decision support systems, advanced technologies such as remote analysis of crops through satellite images or images obtained with drones and the processing of vegetative indices, data collection and exchange systems through IoT technologies are some of the innovative tools that allow farmers to maximize production efficiency and use of resources. Uptofarm supports farmers in defining the most appropriate business strategies and in the implementation of new technologies within the company organizational flow.

Fertilizer spreaders calibration

The correct calibration of the fertilizer spreader equipment allows you to adjust the forward speed and the working width to optimize distribution, avoiding overlaps between passes and consequent over- and underdosing of fertilizers, obtaining economic (from greater crop yields to savings in the purchase of technical means) and environmental benefits.

Functional check of spraying machines

Uptofarm is a center authorized by the Piedmont Region for the functional control and calibration of spraying machines pursuant to the D.G.R. n. 25-736 of 5/12/2014 – Piedmont Region.

Services for Agro-industrial companies

Consultancy for the development of innovative fertilizers

We carry out consultancy services for the creation and development of biostimulants, organic and organo-mineral fertilisers, corroborating agents, starting from organic matrices, digestate, by-products and waste from agro-industrial supply chains. The service allows to optimize the management of nutrient flows and valorise waste matrices in full application of the circular economy concept, improving the economic and environmental sustainability of agro-industrial supply chains and the production of technical means. The service includes support on analytical, technological and regulatory aspects, on the identification of the most suitable matrices for transformation, on the valorisation of nutritional and environmental aspects, on the evaluation of the effectiveness of finished products.

Consultancy for the improvement of sustainability of agri-food supply chains

The service provides organic support to the actors of the agri-food supply chains aimed at improving their environmental, economic, and social performances. The service starts from the monitoring and analysis of company data to reach the quantification of the impacts generated by the production processes through consolidated methods and standards. This information is used to support the customer in defining strategies applicable to all elements of the supply chain, with the aim of maximizing the environmental, economic, and social performances of the production processes.

Of great importance is the carbon storage function in agricultural soils, achievable through regenerative agriculture practices and measurable through sampling and analysis of soil carbon content and mathematical modeling.

The services offered also concern aspects of improving the circularity of production processes through efficient use of by-products, material and energy coming out from company processes.

Field trials, greenhouse and growth chamber experiments

In our experiments, we evaluate biostimulant products for their effects on plant nutrition, on stress tolerance improvement and product quality enhancement, inorganic and organic fertilizers and soil improvers, nitrification and urease inhibitors, taking into account their environmental quality. The objectives of trials and the experimental protocols are defined with the customer and our personnel who follows the entire process, from site identification and equipment installation, to measurements and results communication.

Agri-environmental monitoring and greenhouse gas analysis

We carry out greenhouse gas emission tests in controlled environments, cultivated fields and livestock facilities, and ammonia emission determination in field using acid traps, a sonic anemometer and a software processing. We evaluate the quality of biogas from anaerobic digestion plants: periodic analysis of methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulphide. We offer gas chromatographic analysis.